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Brilliant Hue : Mother-of-Pearl of the Joseon Dynasty


Brilliant Hue : Mother-of-Pearl of the Joseon Dynasty Horim Museum Horim Museum organized <brilliant hues: mother of pearl of the joseon dynasty> for 2015’s first special exhibition. This exhibition presents the highlights of Joseon Dynasty woodworking. It centres around lacquerware inlaid with mother of pearl, while also presenting other forms of woodcraft made using materials […]

Trang trí nội thất & Đồ gỗ khảm xà cừ Hồn Việt


Đồ gỗ khảm xà cừ Hồn Việt Nhất chi mai – Tranh khảm nổi xà cừ Theo: Đồ gỗ khảm xà cừ Hồn Việt Tag: Mã đáo thành công, lộc bình, tranh khảm xà cừ, kham xa cu, kham trai, oc xa cu, trang tri noi that, mother of pearl, inlaid pearl art, turbo marmoratus, […]

Làng khảm trai Chuôn Ngọ


Cái nôi của những tác phẩm đẹp tinh tế & độc đáo

Khảm trai


 Cẩn xà cừ – Nghệ thuật khảm xà cừ truyền thống


Tranh khảm xà cừ mã đáo thành công

イザベラシリーズ 120オープンレンジボード



MOTHER OF PEARL AS ART FORM The shining, playful, and reflected light of mother of pearl has attracted the attention of human beings since the beginning of the world. Societies, tribes, and nations have all added the technology of their day to their experience, knowledge, and understanding, and they have turned mother of pearl from […]